Lauren Me@20

What were you doing at @20? #APH20

Where I lived @20: In Sherwood Park, AB, with my parents, brother, cat & dog.
What I did @20: Went to University, worked for Red Bull, skied as much as I could and got into lots of trouble.
What I dreamt @20: Travelling the world, living on a sail boat in the Mediterranean.
My favourite song @20: Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
What I wore @20: Skinny ripped jeans, and black t-shirts
Who I loved @20: Anyone who would buy me a drink because I was a broke student
What made headlines when I was @20: Michael Jackson died

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What were YOU like at 20?
Where I lived @20:
What I did @20:
My favourite song @20:
What I wore @20:
Who I loved @20:

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