Mike Me@20


Mike Bernard #APH20

Where I lived @20: Toronto
What I did @20: Studied photography at Ryerson
What I dreamt @20: Becoming a press photographer, stopping the world for 1 second with a great shot.
My favourite song @20: Fine Young Cannibals – ‘Good Thing’
What I wore @20:Suede loafers, jeans, button down shirt.
Who I loved @20: Jen, Caralyn
What made headlines when I was @20: The slaughter of democracy supporters in Tianamen Square

What were YOU like at 20?

About Me@20 Day:
Me@20 Day celebrates personal history and the 20th anniversary of the Association of Personal Historians on May 20th, 2015. APH supports its members in recording, preserving and sharing life stories of people, families, communities and organizations around the world: personalhistorians.org