When your hobby is slowly taken away from you

My heart aches for these people who lose the ability to do their favourite life purpose & fulfilling things. I recently read a lovely story on BoredPanda about an artist William Utermohlen  with Alzheimer’s who drew self portraits for 5 years until he could barely remember his own face. The art shows such a raw emotion and to me a growing frustration that simply breaks your heart.

My mom loved to crochet, she made blankets (there is one in every house I go to because she made them for EVERYONE). A handmade blanket is carried throughout one’s life. You wrap your newborn in it, that child later takes it everywhere because it triggers feelings of comfort and family. Later that blanket goes to college and is hugged and wipes away tears caused from a serious breakup. A crochet blanket made by my mom begins a legacy and while it may tatter over the years it never weakens in importance and meaning.

When the blankets got too hard for her to do, she started doing dishrags.

She was able to do them for a long time before they started coming out in random shapes, triangles, space saucers.  Instead of fretting over the loss of a perfect square- I washed dishes with unique UFO dishrags.

Square is not always necessary

Square is not always necessary

Then finally the wool was too difficult for her to keep untangled and that was the end of that.

The craft mind slips away

The craft mind slips away

I still have every one of her crooked dishrags.

Memory Box Movies & Two Twigs Photography: Fun Times at Ambleside Beach

We recently captured a photo shoot with Two Twigs Photography as apart of our photo/video promotion. Capturing life’s happiest moments is what we are all about ~ if you are already dressed up for the photos, why not add the video too?

Sneak peak of our shoot so you can see for yourself.


It’s your Legacy – Capture it.



It is my hope in the future, every baby will be issued a personal video historian at birth

When I heard recently that every baby should be issued a personal historian at birth, it struck a cord. Of course they should! My memories of childhood are foggy, I can piece of few of them together through stories and photos but it’s not the same as having them recorded (especially on video!)

“Our personal memories define who we are. They bond us together,” Fivush, quoted in a Wall Street Journal article. According to her, children whose parents encourage them to tell stories and reminisce, even about daily activities, have better coping skills and problem-solving skills for whatever happens in their lives.

Their stories are important to help children make sense of themselves and remember the positive associations with them and those they love and love them.


Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.59.36 AM


3 kinds of memories are important:

Telling stories about tough times help children and other family members appreciate our ability to survive tough experiences and actually grow stronger from them.
Talking about mistakes helps children learn from the experiences.
Sharing stories about relationships and bonding helps the child appreciate the importance of that person in his/her life.

A young person who can call on all three types of memories has a greater sense of well-being and purpose and builds more positive relationships.

What better gift can you give than that?


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 1.13.20 PM


Experts agree that childhood events are better remembered if parents talk to their kids about experiences right after they occur and also encourage kids to talk about what they thought or felt about their activities together.

The movies we make for families, I hope, will be the most cherished gift for as that child grows into an adult. I want them to see first hand the actives, the love their parents had for them. It spills my heart with joy to do this for families.

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Baby Grey

Here is our first ‘Friday’ mini-movie – literally. 

The idea for this one-minute film came to me on the Skytrain. I couldn’t wait to get home to write it out. I’m thrilled to share it with all of you. Thanks to the Fridays’ Kelly Friday, Jerred Friday) for allowing us to capture the most difficult of moments and the most treasured. Welcome to the world Baby Grey. 

Trish & The Memory Box Movies Team xo



Parents tell their kids they are having a baby in the best way

This video is amazing! I love the fact they captured it on video – just honest and sincere reactions.

We LOVE movies like this!

It’s Your Legacy. Capture it.