Capturing Memories With the Fridays

Last week we delivered a family legacy movie that I am excited to share.

Meet the Fridays: Mum, Dad, 2 year old Tucker, Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie.

It was such a pleasure to capture this family.

I feel a sense of deep personal satisfaction and joy to preserve moments like this, with little Tucker at 2 years old. My passion and purpose comes to life through films like this and it’s a video legacy—a Tucker-time-capsule—the family will have forever.

Can you imagine how excited Tucker will be in 20 years seeing his parents, grandparents and aunt talk about how much they loved him? It is a very precious that’s been made for him and I’m so happy to have been apart of it.

So, here is the family montage. The Fridays also received a 1:52 minute documentary on their family, however we thought it would be great to share the full length movie. I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re capturing more moments with the Fridays as there is another little one on the way!

xxx Trish & the Memory Box Movies Team

Welcome to Memory Box Movies!

Hello and welcome to the first Memory Box Movies blog post!

Please let me introduce myself – I’m Trish.

A quick little story:

The Interview.

The Interview.

My mother was diagnosed with Dementia in early 2008. After her diagnosis, I went on a ‘capturing and saving’ kick, saving all the notes and voicemails she would leave me (some are still so funny I crack myself up listening to them). I have a filmmaking background so I knew what I needed to do was digitally capture her life story. It took me a year to face the fact that I had to capture it now, or lose her memories forever. In that first interview I asked her all about her life, her childhood, her hopes and dreams. She cried when she spoke about losing her mum and dad, she laughed when she told me how the oil stove blew up. It was the greatest evening and a great experience. In the end she was so thrilled to have told her story and I was happy I had it on record.

It’s universal: when you strip off all the layers of life’s practicalities, what we treasure most are the times we share and experience life with those we love. When there are tangible mementos of these times…it’s magic.

My mom passed away just last Thanksgiving and now all these treasures— her digital legacy, her cards, her notes, photos—are priceless to me.

The beautiful Pat, on a trip to Spain, shortly following her diagnosis.

The beautiful Pat, on a trip to Spain, shortly following her diagnosis.

This blog is dedicated to educating on the importance of legacy sharing and treasuring the mementos of our loved ones. And, with care and love, storing them, sharing them and organizing them so they can be shared and preserved for generations to come.

Memories of Mom – held onto with love.

On paper, in a video, on an audio-tape, in a film reel, in photographs, or newspaper clippings; what we have as memories all contribute to our stories living on. The technology is here to make it simple and easy.

I hope you will capture, share and preserve with us.

Love, Trish